What's Happyning?
We believe organizing an event should be as easy as sending a text message. Your event should be beautifully represented, and managing your guests should be available from the tip of your fingers.
We are focusing to solve a problem; making it super easy to organize events, or happenings as we like to call them.

The problem we noticed with organizing events were several. One was that guests were always divided over different communication channels - some on social media, some over email and some over messaging apps or SMS. It was always a struggle to coordinate the invitations and event information. It ended up being a burden to organize an event because it just took too much time to set it up and get started.

Social media giants were at the same time making use of their position and used people's privacy just because they wanted to connect with friends and organize events.

We founded Happyning to make it smooth and fun to host an event with style, without sacrificing your privacy.

Any event. Everything from a birthday party to a casual dinner or the family christmas. The big wedding, the friday pub crawl or that trip with friends You’ve planned.

By using Happyning we promise you a smoother, easier and secure way of hosting events.

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