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Happy Halloween
Get dressed and pick trick or treat
Midsommar in Sweden
What is Midsommar in Sweden and how are the swedes enjoying this yearly summer event
Easter around the world
How Easter came around and what it is for us today
Celebrate your cat
Why you should celebrate your best friend all over the year
Party planning 101
Organize your party like a professional with planning tips and golden rules on how to host a successful party
Arranging a weekend brunch
Hosting an awesome brunch event with pancakes, waffles and easy guest management with an event website
Organizing a great dinner
Enjoying great food over a dinner with friends and family by easily hosting it using Happyning
Hosting a successful party for your kids
How to host a successful party for your kids with tips on how to deal with invites to what food, activities, games and plays to use.
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