Celebrate your cat

February 5, 2020

Human's best friend is not a dog?

You can find them in all kinds of shapes on all sorts of locations.

From the tiger in India to the cosy little fury ball that you have at home.

The cats have been close the humans since way back and there is a certain relationship to cat which one only understand when you have had one.

From Garfield who is his own character in love with specific food, to the independent individuals that can provide the most lovely moments - and seconds later be on her own with a mindset set for something else.

This is why we love them! 

Show them your love

Cats should be celebrated more often. If its not your own then do it for the tiger.

We put together some great animal themes that looks gorgeous for the event you will organize and be a host of.
And yes, there are cat themes to make sure that you can celebrate them with a dedicated event with your friends, on theirs.

To make it easier finding a reason of having an event for your cat, we compiled a list of important dates for cats.
You should always celebrate their birthday so this is for those extra lovely days.

  • World cat day - February 17th

  • International cat day - August 8th
  • National cat day in US - October 29th
  • Hug your cat day - June 4th
  • National black cat appreciation day - August 17th
  • National black cat day - November 17th
  • National feral cat day - October 16th

Isn't it great with so many events for your cat?
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