Easter around the world

March 2, 2020

How Easter is celebrated globally

Easter origins from being a religious festival or holiday, hence why it is also known as Resurrection Sunday or Pascha which is the latin name.

In many places all around the world it has become a popular holiday to celebrate Spring and the start of a new season.
Easter is tightly related to figures such as the Easter Bunny (or Easter Hare), eggs and chickens.

In some places the Easter Bunny is not a rabbit but rather a fox, like in certain parts of Germany.

The eggs represent the birth of something new. When they are painted it is a way of bringing colors and light in to the home, similar to how Spring is welcomed after the long Winter.

Easter in different languages

Easter is a global event and exists in many parts of the world. To elaborate more on this we have listed down what Easter is called in several different languages:

German name of Easter is Oster
In Sweden Easter is called Påsk
Italian Easter is Pasqua (from the latin name Pascha), similar to how it is in French which is Pâques
Polish name of it is Wielkanoc and in Irish it is called Cásca.

The list is long and counts a number of languages where Easter is an important tradition.

Organizing with your family

The tradition is celebrated together with your family where food is a big focus together with activities.

Similar to Christmas it is food and drinks that are returning year after year.

Every easter includes the hosting of an Easter event where everyone is invited to eat, drink celebrate together.
The most known activity is for the kids to hunt for eggs which are often made of chocolate as a nice Easter treat from the Easter Bunny.

Easter and Happyning

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Happy Easter

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