Happy Halloween

September 21, 2020

Happy Halloween everybody!

Time to put on your best masquerade costume and get spooky

As for most of the celebrations we have around the world even Halloween originates from something more than just a made up commercial event. In this case if we go back a long way in time, Halloween is something that Irish immigrants brought with them to USA when they immigrated there during 1800th century.

The name wasn’t halloween at that time and of course it looked a lot different from what it does today. Influenced by both American culture and South American culture, Halloween has changed a lot. Today it is more of a happening for kids dressing up and going street up and down for trick or treat.

Halloween started to become a thing in Europe during the 1980s and is today a popular event for both grown ups and kids. The actual date for Halloween is always 31st October, but Halloween parties are often happening during turn of the month October/November. Halloween is sometimes being mixed up with all saints day, but that is always being celebrated the Saturday which falls in between 31st October and 6th November.

Trick or treat, happy halloween!

Happyning <3 Halloween

Our Halloween theme comes with a couple of different designs for you to choose from when organizing your Halloween happening event. If you go all-in on masquerade party or if you do a more settled pumpkin craft get together the right look for your invitation is there for you in the app.

Happy Halloween!

/ Team Happyning

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