Hosting a successful party for your kids

January 12, 2020

Preparing the kids party

Like with most things, preparations is the key to success. 

Starting with the first decision you have to make. Should you host the party at home or outsource the location to another place? We all know that a kids party at home can mean kids going crazy, running around all over and leave your home in a mess. 

The easy way out of that is of course to arrange the party at a playground (or similar) and let their staff members take care of the planning and entertainment. But if you and your kid decides to have the party at home, here’s some tips to make the party awesome for your kid and easy managed by you. 


Number one, if you’re going to serve food. Make sure you have made it easy for yourself by preparing everything the day before the party. 

Number two, be nice to yourself and don’t “over-do-it”. Kids like simple food, food they know of. They don’t care if you follow the latest and most trendy cooking methods or dishes. Remember, you want to impress the kids, not their parents.

Number three Finger food makes less dishes to take care of. Make skewers, vegetables to dip, sliders, smoothies, fler exempel. 

Games, plays and activities

To minimize the risk of the party to go all haywire - plan for activities and games. It doesn’t matter as much what games or activities, rather that you have a prepared plan and good props.

You can do a quiz, a dance competition, treasure hunt or why not egg and spoon race. 


Send the invites in good time ahead of the event and make sure you give a clear RSVP date to have enough time planning for the right amount of kids. 

Happyning allows for a unique event website for the birthday or kids party. Invites are easily sent out via SMS to the parents or the kids directly from the app.

No need to collect emails, by just using the phone number each guest will receive its own personal invitation to access the website.
All the information about the event can be found on the website -  location, contact and  calendar information in one single place.

Parents can add the event to the calendar directly from the website making it easy plan for the upcoming party.

Remember to have enjoy the moment with the kids and watching them have fun!

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