Organizing a great dinner

January 20, 2020

Dining over dinner

Dining is something that is very close to us as the social species that we are. It is something we have always been doing and something that sits very close to our heart.

It combines great tastes, combination of colors of the food with a mix of social conversation, laughs and good company with friends and family.

Some of the bests dinners are spontaneous. Some includes way ahead preparation with several courses on the menu.
Other dinners can be with family over a holiday.

Preparing for a dinner involves several steps including what food to serve, how to serve them and of course, to who will we serve.

Hosting a dinner easily

Happyning takes away the complexity of hosting a dinner event.

The most annoying thing is to coordinate with people over several channels while you actually wanted to focus on the primary objective which is the dinner itself.

There are often situation where you need to email, chat or write with someone over facebook to share the information about the event.
And how often haven't you invited someone on Facebook, waited for their RSVP and finally realized that they are not using Facebook anymore.

Happyning will invite all your guests directly from the app. Using your contacts you can easily import your guests.

The look of the event is what your guests will see, therefor you will find themes that are made for dinner events. Making it beautiful and easy to read about your event and the information related to it.

Dinner event served from Happyning to you

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