Party planning 101

January 21, 2020

Thinking about throwing a party? 

Party planning is always tricky and depends a lot on what kind of party you have in mind.

The party with friends

Celebrating that big 3 0, 4 0, 5 0 or even 60?

Wedding party to pop the champagne for a new marriage?

Or just a dinner party with great food and awesome company? 

Organize like a professional

The number one rule when hosting a successful party is to plan for anyone who comes to meet the actual party just inside of the front door.

It is all about the feeling when entering a venue, may it be your apartment or a nice country house out in the farmland.
Guests should get that positive energy when opening the door with people that they may have not met before.

The second important rule is of course hospitality.

You as a host and organizer should always, and I mean always, be on your toes to make sure your guests really enjoy what they have come for.

Guests should always have a beverage an arm length away. Examples include serving them drinks, making sure you are not out of snacks and socializing in general.

Planning the party

Plan who you are going to invite by scoping the event in to what is called the "golden circles". This basically refers to that you should reflect on who the party is for and what "circles" of your friends, colleagues, family, relatives etc. that should come.

As always the preparation is the key to avoid a heartache and making sure the event turns out to be a great success.

Write your to-do lists and team up with people who can assist you in to making your awesome party becoming a reality.
The more details you cover ahead of the event, the better the outcome will be.

Invitations and Event information

One of the first thing that your guests will see is your invitation. Therefor it is extremely important to understand how this can impact the feeling of their first impression for the party event.

It is worth investing in making sure the invites represents what you are striving for and that your guests can get a good understanding about the event. Where is it? What kind of event is it? Who organizes it? When is the event? 

These are questions that should be super clear for any guest that receives an invite.

A great thing is to have a website that represents your event, that follows the party theme you want to use with a nice design to show your guests.

How can Happyning help?

Happyning allows you to pick among several great looking party themes which every guest will receive automatic invites to the designed event website. You do not need to do much, Happyning lets you import your guest using your contacts on your phone or with the phone numbers directly.

Invites are sent out automatically using SMS which provides a nice personal invite with invitation message and website link.

Style your website with a few images and it will be ready for your guests to provide information such as calendar reminder, map of the event location and much more.

It removes all the hassle with inviting guests through social media, email, phone or email. It is a single and unified channel of communicating with your guests.

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