Arranging a weekend brunch

January 20, 2020

Preparing for the weekend brunch

Joining in with friends or family for a brunch has become increasingly popular all over the world.
New restaurant concepts now offer a variety of different brunches.

From the most classic setup with egg and bacon to fresher alternatives like the smashed avocado on the sour dough sandwich with some chiliflakes sprinkled on top.

This is of course different all over the world where the acai bowls are popular on the US west coast, pancakes all over the world and the thicker pancakes with maple syrup is a north american classic.

In England the egg and bacon has been at the top for a long time and in Sweden it is typically a mix of them all together with a locations that provide their niche brunch.

Brunching with Happyning

The coordination of your guests for the brunch is of course important in order to get a well organized event.

A common challenge when it comes to coordinating events is always sharing and updating the information to all guests.
At the same time you want to have a nicely looking representation of your event to make sure your guests get a good impression about the planned brunch.

Happyning's solution to the problem is to provide designed themes that are used to create an event website for your brunch (or lunch, dinner etc).
Guests can easily be added to the event by importing them from your phone contact in to the app.

The invites are then sent out via SMS to all guests to make the coordination smooth.
Each guest receives a personal invitation where they can access the event website to read more about the brunch, see images of the food or menu and get the location and the time of the event.

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