Terms and Conditions

General Terms

General terms of use for Happyning, https://www.happyning.app (incl all connected websites such as happyning.at and hpy.at) and the mobile app (Android & iOS).

Last updated 2020-01-15

The general terms of use ("Terms of Use") are available on the website http://www.happyning.app and from the mobile app, both referred to as ("Happyning-Services"). Terms of use are applicable to all services, all usage and all content on the website and in the mobile app.

Services provided by Happyning AB, 559219-8211 ("Happyning"). Happyning reserves the right to take legal actions in all cases of dissemination, reproduction or usage of these terms of use, for other than personal use, unless written consent from Happyning has been obtained.

The website and the mobile app is offered on the condition that you accept the User Terms without reservation. This even applies to terms that appear on other pages of the website. Your use of the website confirms this agreement and all its points and conditions.

Changes in terms of use

Happyning reserves the right to change the terms of service without notice

Happyning's commitments

Happyning will provide event management services online through the use of the Internet and electronic devices.

User commitments

Information that is submitted or sent to Happyning must be honest and correct. This applies, for example, to your name.

By using the website and its services you agree to abide by all laws and to respect all third parties and their rights, as well as these Terms of Use.

In order to best enjoy Happyning-Services and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment, you pledge to:

  • Act in a correct manner towards Happyning and other users of Happyning-Services
  • Photos and other information in the form of data or files that you provide should be decent and exclusively about you or another person who has granted you permission for usage.
  • Only use your credentials to gain access to Happyning-Services for yourself.
  • You may not disclose, divulge or make your user information available to third parties.
  • Registration must be done with a mobile phone number that you yourself own
  • You must be located in the country where you mobile phone number is registered
  • All people (“Happyning-Guests”) that you invite using the Happyning-Services need to have

Links to other websites

The web site can contain links to other websites ("Links"). These websites are not controlled by Happyning and therefore Happyning takes no responsibility for the content on these websites. This applies, without restriction, to all links to external websites. Also, Happyning is not responsible for any transfer of data from the external links referred to on the website. This applies, without restriction, to all forms of transfer. Happyning solely offers these links as a service to the user. The occurence of these links does not necessarily mean that Happyning sympathises with the perceptions that these websites or their operators display.

Copyright and trademark information

All content on the site is: Copyright 2019 by Happyning. All rights reserved. You may not in any way publish, distribute or reproduce the material, trademarks, images, or other intellectual property rights or third party proprietary information in any form, commercial or private, without first obtaining permission from the owners of the work or the rights holders.

Abuse and illegal use

By using Happyning-Services, you affirm and guarantee that you will not use Happyning-Services in such a manner that would go against Swedish legislation or the terms set out on this page. You will not under any circumstances use Happyning-Services in a way that may injure, deactivate, overload, destroy, or in any other way negatively affect it or other users' visits to Happyning-Services. You will not acquire or try to acquire access to material which you did not receive written permission for through Happyning-Services.

You accept that: you will not in any way violate the security of others. You will not publish, upload or distribute any form of harmful or inappropriate material or information. You will not upload files or other material that is protected by copyright laws without owning said rights or having the explicit permission of the proprietor. You will not advertise, promote or in any way attempt to sell goods or services. You will not perform surveys, convey chain letters, or organize pyramid schemes. You will not download any file that, by your knowledge or not, can not be distributed with respect to copyright laws.

Happyning has no obligation to monitor all services on the website. However, Happyning reserves the right to evaluate all material posted on the website. Happyning also reserves the right to exclude or terminate access to any material and remove such material without notice.

You will only invite people (“Happyning-Guests”) for the sole purpose to participate at the event you yourself have organized.

Termination/access restriction

Happyning reserves the right to terminate your access to Happyning-Services and its related services without notice. You as a visitor, user or member of this site hereby accept these conditions. Violation of these conditions may result in exclusion from the site and, in the worst case, lawsuits under Swedish and international legislation.

Reservations and liability waiver

Under no circumstances is Happyning be liable for direct or indirect injuries suffered by you as a user, where you have contributed to the injury.

To the extent deemed possible under applicable law Happyning waives all commitments, guarantees, terms or other conditions (including but not limited to guarantees concerning quality or suitability, either expressed or implied) related to the website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Happyning handles the buyer's personal data in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and never sends them to non-Happyning parties. The only exception is whether we explicitly request your approval at the time of purchase.

Read more about our integrity policy https://www.gohappyning.com/terms.htm.


Cookies are essential to ensure that you can use Happyning and its features on a recurring basis. Happyning can use cookies when you visit the site. A cookie is a small information capsule which is placed in the user's computer. The cookie cannot identify you personally, only the web browser you are using to visit the site. The cookie does not contain any viruses and cannot alter or remove any other information stored on your computer.

Happyning might use so-called session cookies. These contain an ID that enables Happyning's servers to distinguish your web browser from those of other visitors. A session cookie is saved for as long as you are visiting Happyning. As soon as you leave the site or close your web browser your session is deleted and so is your session cookie.

In order for you as a user to be logged in automatically we might use auto-login cookies. Happyning might also collect statistics on visits to the site using cookies. The information collected includes data concerning which pages on Happyning have been visited and how long time the user has spent on the site. These statistics do not contain any form of personal information.

You have the right to deny Happyning permission to leave cookies on your computer, although in this case you can no longer use Happyning for functional reasons. You can also choose which level of cookies you wish to allow on your web browser.

Applicable law

These terms of use and disputes arising from these or use of the website shall be regulated and interpreted according to Swedish law. Any disputes will be resolved by the Swedish general court.

About us

The services are provided på Happyning AB, organization number 559219-8211.

Scheelegatan 28
112 28 Stockholm

Terms & conditions

Last update 2019-09-02


Purchases can only be made via Happyning-Services. We do not accept purchases made via telephone, fax or email. We reserve the right to log the client's IP-number and web browser meta-data at purchase.

Card information

Your card information is managed by our partner Adyen, a PCI certified payment service. All transactions that go through Adyen are encrypted with the highest level of security and Happyning never sees the customer's card information.


Payments can be made by debit or credit cards as well as other payment options local to each country. No extra fees apply. Cancellations are not refundable.

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to complete a purchase, unless otherwise specified. Payments are processed instantly.

In-app payments (iOS)

Purchases made on iOS are processed by Apple and are subject to Apple Appstore terms and conditions.

Right of withdrawal

Limited time offer
According to the Law on distance and doorstep selling (3§ SFS 2005:59) there is no right of withdrawal on this type of service.

Delivery information

A purchased service is delivered immediately as it is activated right after purchase (e.g delivery on the same day)

Purchased services are not refundable. If an issue occurred during delivery, please contact Support to receive help with your matter.


If the service is misused we reserve the right to terminate the user. In this case any and all outstanding benefits owed to the user expire as well.

Right of usage for services purchased

A purchased services may only be used in its entirety on a single occasion. It is not possible to redeem the service, wholly or in part, in cash or to save it for future use. The purchase is personal and may not be shared with others, unless otherwise specified. Please read the terms and conditions for each specific purchase.

Privacy Policy

Highlights from the policy:

  • Happyning does NOT share your data with advertisers & the like for commercial purposes.
  • As a user, you have the right to have your personal data deleted from our system (however, some information may need to be saved in accordance with the Swedish Accounting Act).
  • You can request to see what personal data relating to you has been processed and how your personal data is used.
  • Information about the operating environment and how the data is protected.
  • List of preapproved subcontractors/suppliers of Happyning AB.

Privacy policy for users of Happyning

We work continuously to ensure that your personal privacy is protected when you use the services we provide. Your personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation (the GDPR). Therefore, we have implemented this privacy policy that determines how your personal data will be processed by us.

Happyning handles the buyer's personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and never distributes it to parties who are not affiliated with Happyning. The only exception is if we explicitly request your approval at the time of purchase.

Happyning AB processes all information about our users, i.e., personal name, phone number and other information, with data support. This data is processed in order to manage the customer relationship between you and Happyning, as well as to provide important information about your purchased services.

Parties and liabilities for the processing of your personal data

Happyning AB, 559219-8211, Scheelegatan 28, 112 28 Stockholm, Sweden,, is a product for event and guest management , etc. Happyning is a data processor of your personal data. Happyning is also the data controller for processing your data in Happyning's own databases. Users who have their own login information or are event guests in our service are henceforth called Users.

Happyning is the data controller for processing the personal data that you share with us when:

  • you create an account on Happyning website or the mobile app
  • you use Happyning’s mobile app
  • You are an event guest in a Happyning event
  • you have a question and/or contact us
  • you visit our website and accept cookies

What personal data relating to you do we process?

When you create an account with us as a User, we collect data that are required, including: phone number, e-mail and first name and surname. Completing your information on your profile is optional. When a private individual creates an account or a event guest uses our service, we collect their contact details and personal information depending on the type of customer they are at Happyning.

Handling personal data

Happyning saves the User's personal data, and other such data that is attributable to them, only to the extent that it is necessary for the User to use their account in so far as the User does not consent to additional services, such as customer surveys and newsletters. The user can always request that Happyning delete all data stored about them at Happyning, but then the User can no longer avail of the service.

Happyning certifies that when data is shared with third parties, it is done in accordance with prevailing legislation and Happyning is responsible for ensuring that all Happyning’s suppliers comply with EU requirements regarding the handling of personal data.

In this privacy policy, the User's personal data refers to any information about the User through which the User is directly or indirectly identifiable, including, but not limited to, the User's name, address, date of birth, IP address, account and email address, and other information through which the User can be identified. Happyning is, unless otherwise specified, the data processor in accordance with the GDPR for Happyning's processing of personal data that occurs when making an event or being a event guest. Happyning may avail of this data from the User’s account when the User creates an account, through the User's acceptance of this privacy policy. Happyning is the data controller for its own database of Users.

The personal data is processed by Happyning for the overall purpose of being able to provide the Happyning service for the User.

The User may at any time request that Happyning ceases processing their personal data and thereby deletes such data belonging to the User and being stored by Happyning. However, such a request may mean that Happyning cannot continue to provide an account with Happyning. The User can terminate his/her user account at any time by deregistering as a user or by notifying Happyning in writing of such a request. After the user’s account has been terminated, the User's personal data will be deleted after a reasonable period of time, providing no other legal requirements such as the Swedish Accounting Act prevent this.

Happyning does not have the right to pass on the User's personal data to a third party unless this is directly necessary for the provision of the service. Consequently, Happyning does not share personal data for any other commercial purpose.

Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

Happyning , which is operated by Happyning AB, Org. No. 559219-8211, is the data processor for any processing of personal data which is described in this privacy policy, as well as the data controller for the database owned by Happyning.

Our postal address is Scheelegatan 28, 112 28 Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Data Protection Officer is: Emil Torlén

Forwarding of personal data

We do not share Your personal data by default. If we were to share any data it would be due to Swedish law (e.g the Accounting Act). All the data that is submitted is transferred over encrypted channels.


In order for Happyning to be able to process your personal data and at the time of  submit your personal data to a third party, you, the User, must consent. Consent is voluntary for our users. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at Happyning. Consent is required for our users to utilize the services provided by Happyning.

Information security

Happyning is currently being run at Amazon AWS. Amazon AWS is a collection of services and tools that constitute a world-leading cloud-based platform for applications. Amazon AWS has data centres in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania, where we store our data on servers in the EU.

Find out more about Amazon AWS here:



Amazon has years of experience in designing, building and operating large-scale data centres. Physical access to these data centres is strictly controlled by professional security personnel. Authorized personnel must go through multiple authentication steps to gain access to these data centres. The design and precise location of these data centres constitute classified information to which, for security reasons, only selected members of the Amazon staff have access.

We never store any credit card information in our databases. All sensitive payment information is handled securely by our partner Adyen or Apple. All communication with our payment partners is encrypted in accordance with industry standards. Passwords are always saved one-way encrypted in our databases.

Personal data breaches

Happyning is liable for processing your data as securely as possible by following the requirements set out in the GDPR.

Happyning assumes its obligations in the event of a personal data breach. In the event of such a breach, Happyning will report the breach to the Data Inspection Board within 120 hours, and inform the affected parties as well as specify what we will do to remedy and prevent a breach in the future.