Ticketing on Slack

With Suptask we achieve much faster ticketing resolution times

When we started to look for an efficient ticketing system, we focus on what was available where our team was already communicating which in our case was Slack.

We did not want to force our team members to having to use external ticketing system as we already had conversations about tickets ongoing inside of Slack. What we were lacking was a structured process where tickets could be tracked over time by anyone.
Ideally a system that was integrated tightly with Slack.

Adopting your workflow to Suptask

Our team were already sharing and discussing incoming tickets from our Customers, where we had a dedicated Slack channel just to talk about tickets. Tickets were shared as a message and discussions were carried out in the message thread.

With Suptask the workflow is very similar with the change that you have the ability to set up a Slack channel where responders to tickets can discuss privately to remediate and provide a solution for the sent in ticket. This helps us avoid noise for users who are not interest to see discussions about all tickets, but rather wants to follow what the status is for their own sent in ticket.

Suptask provides an App on Slack where you can easily get an overview of all your tickets. This helped us to have a continuous follow up on daily basis which allowed us to track what ticket was not remediated and what tickets that were blocked by something.

The forms and fields we should use was the part where we spent most time understanding what we needed to get all information in one plate when looking at a ticket. This is extremely easy in Suptask and was setup in a few minutes once we had decided how to do it.

Result of using Suptask

After we started using Suptask we noticed a slight change in the behavior of our team members, where the use of Mark as unread and Remind me functions on Slack were less used. These functions had before provided an ability to put a personal structure to each persons tasks, but were not needed anymore when Suptask were introduced.

Turnaround time on tickets decreased overall and the amount of cases that were forgotten or lost disappeared as everything was now tracked and followed up easily on Slack.

Since we started using Suptask we have enjoyed this new way of working with tickets, keeping our team focused and engaged on Slack.

Disclosure: We are early adopters of Suptask and have known the team from the early days.

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